SalesHandy offer a solution for its users to track the email activity in their CRM with  "BCC to CRM".  

If your CRM provides a BCC email address or unique dropbox address, we should be able to send a copy of your outbound messages into the CRM.

In order to set up the automatic BCC to CRM feature you will need to:

Step 1: You need to setup your BCC to CRM email in profile section so that it can be usen in outlok/Gmail Plugin.

Note: Make sure you refresh Gmail in case of chrome extension for changes to take effect. In case of outlook please close and re open outlook.

Step 2: 

If you are using Gmail Chrome extension, whenever you want to forward your email to CRM just click on CRM button and above mentioned id will be added in BCC field. 

If you are using outlook Addin, while composing new email you will get option called Bcc to CRM, on clicking which above mentioned id should be added to your BCC field.

If you still facing any issue, Feel free to get in touch at